Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year & Colour Palette 2023

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This colour palette comes with its own music video! Click here to view it

Welcome to 2023! The year of confident hues that offer inspiration and creativity, and encourage the push beyond traditional to experience the exceptional.
Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2023 Raspberry Blush 2008-30 is a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink which enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.









This unapologetic charismatic colour pairs well as an accent colour with Etiquette AF-50 for that pop of confidence or envelop yourself completely and create a colour statement by using it on walls, ceiling and trim.

Kicking off the 2023 Colour Palette is Conch Shell 052. It is a sepia toned, gentle dusty pink reminiscent of sunsets captured by a vintage film camera.
This comforting colour helps balance the bold in this palette, appearing almost neutral against such commanding hues.









It pairs well with Chantilly Lace OC-65, or with Flint AF-560 as a contrast.

The warm hue of Cinnamon 2174-20 is a rich brown with a touch of an orange undertone.
This spicy choice is an excellent bridge between neutrals and saturated shades.









Pair it with Cloud White OC-130 or Silver Cloud 2129-70.

Creating comfort and drama is Wenge AF-180. A deep chocolate with hints of brown, black and violet in its undertone. It is ideal for amping up saturation in predominantly neutral rooms or bringing balance to those with lots of colour.









Outline with White Heron OC-57.

For something more unique, Savannah Green 2150-30 is an ochre with yellow and green undertones to help balance out this rich hue.
This statement-making shade plays well with neutrals offering a twist on the traditional earthen-greens.









Go for contrast and creativity with a pairing with Conch Shell 052 or balance it with White Heron OC-57.

North Sea Green 2053-30 bring the relaxation vibe to this palette. It’s a saturated shade with a blend of grey-blues and blue-green. This deep, soothing teal has a delicate grey undertone that cultivates this moody hue.









Create contrast using Savannah Green 2150-30 in an adjoining room or as an accent against the neutral Etiquette AF-50.

Bring romance in with the inky hue of Starry Night Blue 2067-20. Create depth and dimension to walls painted in this captivating hue with a touch of violet undertone.









Use a higher gloss to emulate the glimmer of the night sky, use it on kitchen cabinetry for a saturated, ultramarine take on the deep navy blue, or create a serene oasis with this playful twist on the soft blue bathroom.
Popularly paired with White Heron OC-57.

Rounding out the Benjamin Moore Colour Palette for 2023 is the soft and airy New Age 1444. A light purple with a touch of grey, it emanates a soft spiritual sensibility. This hue can appear both grey and lavender, depending on lighting, and will inject a touch of colour in to any space.









Pair against White Heron OC-57 for a burst of colour, or create a dreamy take on the vintage mauve bedroom by taking the colour across all walls.

Download your copy of the Colour of the Year 2023 brochure to explore the expressive hues, or click here to order a sample pot.