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Tenaru has over 50 years experience of building and distributing premium brands in the Australian decorating, DIY and paint industry. Furthermore we are pleased to say that Tenaru now has a business in New Zealand and we are now supplying our range of premium brands and products locally.

It is the exclusive distributor of Mirka, Hammerite, NIX, Preval, Dynamic, Harris & Trimaco in Australia. Tenaru also has distribution rights to Sikkens and 3M brands.

This brand portfolio is derived from some of the largest coatings and hardware companies in the world, such as AkzoNobel, Anza and 3M. The brands that Tenaru chooses to partner with are the premium quality leaders in their field and are based in Western Europe & North America.

The brands & products are the preferred choice of professionals like architects & paints, but also popular with discerning DIYers.

Latest from Tenaru

Mirka Dust-free sanding

Mirka Dust-Free Sanding Systems

The dust that building professionals inhale whist sanding surfaces is one of the most common occupational health hazards. According to WorkSafe NSW, the result of wood dust exposure can be skin disorders such as allergic dermatitis, asthma, and impaired lung function, nose irritation, rhinitis (runny nose), violent sneezing, blocked noses, nose bleeds, throat irritation, sore & watery eyes & potentially nasal cancer. Just exactly how bad it affects each person depends on the type of dust inhaled and where exactly in the respiratory tract it lingers.