Sikkens and Hammerite

Sikkens and Hammerite are brands of AkzoNobel, the largest decorative coatings company in the world. AkzoNobel has a strong commitment to sustainability in everything they do.

AkzoNobel has adopted a Planet Possible sustainability strategy  as a commitment to doing more with less  and creating more value from fewer resources. By working together with all our customers and partners, AkzoNobel aims to make life more liveable, healthy and inspiring.

More information of the AkzoNobel sustainability program can be found here.


Mirka is a globally expanding company with subsidiaries located in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland.

Mirka manufacturing in Jeppo, Finland is completely independent of fossil fuel; heat is provided by the renewed heating plant and power by a bioenergy plant. Mirka replaced heavy fuel oil with biogas in 2016.

Mirka’s bioenergy plant that was introduced in 2013 runs on a combination of production waste, other waste-derived fuel, and woodchips. The plant utilises production waste from Mirka, reducing the need for non-renewable energy sources. Thanks to converting production waste to energy, Mirka has also been able to close its landfill site.

Mirka’s efforts to find sustainable solutions has produced results; we have decreased our yearly carbon dioxide emissions with six thousand tons. Mirka’s plants are already compliant with new Finnish regulations concerning power and heating plants that will be in effect from 2018.

Dynamic Paintware – Enviro Paintware

Professional painters and DIYers have a new greener option when it comes to paint projects, thanks to Dynamic Paintware. The company has introduced the world’s first environmentally-friendly paint roller. Appropriately named the Enviro-Roller, this professional tool and DIY necessity is a wiser choice as it is made from a special polyester filament yarn gleaned from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. Fittingly, the roller’s plastic core is also 100% recycled.

The roller is just one product in the company’s line of Enviro Paintware that reduces the amount of paintware ending up in landfill. Also featured are special paint trays made from recycled plastic that can be recycled themselves, as well as paint tray liners that are made wholly from recycled P.E.T., giving new life to recycled pop and water bottles.

Companies are now offering low VOC paints and Dynamic is providing the complementary green tools needed for application.

It is a winning combination that makes for a greener environment.

The Enviro Paintware range addresses the needs of the green-minded consumer without sacrificing performance.