NEW! Ironhorse Rapid Outdoor Cleaner

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Ironhorse Full Throttle Outdoor Rapid Cleaner is the newest cleaner to the market and the first of the Ironhorse Full Throttle cleaner range to hit the market and boy does it pack a punch!

The IRONHORSE FULL THROTTLE Rapid Outdoor Cleaner is a fast & effective cleaner for external paths, patios, brickwork, timber decks & fences, plastic guttering & other common outdoor surfaces. Its powerful formula has been developed to allow quick removal of algae, mould, dirt, grease, grime & mildew.

✅ Fast acting

✅ Heavy duty

✅ Kills germs

✅ Removes algae, mould and mildew

✅ For all outdoor surfaces

Preparation: IRONHORSE FULL THROTTLE Rapid Outdoor Cleaner can be used in concentrated form for heavy duty mould, dirt, grease & grime removal. It may also be diluted at mix ratio of 1:1 with cold water for general use. Ensure IRONHORSE FULL THROTTLE Rapid Outdoor Cleaner is applied when surface is dry.

Application: Spray or pour IRONHORSE FULL THROTTLE Rapid Outdoor Cleaner, leave and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes depending on the level of build-up.

For metal, cloth, paint, fibreglass and plastic: Up to 3 minutes.

For timber: up to 5 minutes

For concrete, tiles and masonry: up to 15 minutes.

Do not allow the surface to dry. Brush or hose away the cleaned area thoroughly. If necessary for heavy build up it is optional to work into the surface with an abrasive scrubbing pad or stiff bristle brush, or re-apply a second time.

Clean Up: After use clean applicator thoroughly with water.

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