Mirka Galaxy Abrasive-Cutting Edge Technology

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The Mirka Galaxy abrasive is a new kind of high technology abrasive that combines effectiveness with long use life.

The long-lasting durability of the new Mirka Galaxy abrasive is thanks to the nature of the grains, which shaves off small particles as it wears down. This ensures that the flexible pad always has enough material to work with, which results in much longer lifespan than traditional abrasives.

The new Mirka® Galaxy abrasive self-sharpening ceramic grain with its spherical shape works just like a ball bearing on two rails. This results in an abrasive with superb cutting capability and high dust collection.

In addition, Mirka Galaxy offers comfortable use due to the following properties:


It’s no secret that Mirka’s Multifit backing pads have proved to be one of the most popular choices among contractors and sanders. Now with the Galaxy range, you can benefit from better performance than ever before. The range is also easier to use than other sanding belts, which means daily use at the jobsite doesn’t have to be painful.

Clogging Resistant Abrasive

Anybody who has used a pneumatic sander, or belt disc sander knows that it is the dust and chips that wear out abrasives. To be able to work effectively, Mirka’s patented Galaxy abrasives have been developed with a clogging resistant coating, which the dust doesn’t stick to. Used in conjunction with an efficient dust extraction system means the maximum amount of abrasive is exposed at all times during sanding, resulting in long-life abrasives and a productive workplace.


The Galaxy is an abrasive disc that makes possible to achieve mirror polishing and faster material removal. The ceramic grains used in the Mirka Galaxy are self-sharpening. This means a new cutting edge is simply formed after each breakage of an abrasive grain, making it possible for the Galaxy to continue sanding the surface longer and faster.


From sanding both soft and hard materials and substrates to serving automotive, marine and wood sectors, the Mirka Galaxy is a real multi-purpose abrasive.

Pair the new Mirka Galaxy abrasive with any of the Mirka tools for a superb sanding experience.

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