Hammerite Ultima

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Discover the new generation of metal protective coatings: Hammerite Ultima. The specially developed corrosion protection forms an extremely long-lasting protective layer. This keeps water and oxygen away from the metal and prevents rust formation in the long term.

It provides the following;

The ultimate in long-lasting protection – fighting off the forces of nature for up to 12 years.

Can be applied directly to rust. Simply remove loose rust before applying Hammerite Ultima.

Can be easily applied to all metals*.

Hammerite Ultima’s specially developed to protect your metals from rust and is highly weathering and UV resistant thanks to the innovative Colour Lock technology.

The quick-drying recipe allows you to apply two coats on the same day, repaintable after 4 hours.

The range is made up of 6 colours across 2 finishes, matt and gloss.


*copper must be primed with Special Metals Primer before applying Ultima