Dyna Flow Paint Additive for Professional Results

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Synonymous with progress and innovation, Ironhorse brings clever and problem-solving solutions to the decorating, DIY, and paint sector. A smart choice for the tradesman and discerning DIYer, Ironhorse products help in a variety of tasks. Identifying the need of a paint additive that didn’t change the colour, sheen or flexibility of the cured finish saw the creation of Dyna Flow Paint Extender. Specially formulated for water-based paints and varnishes, this additive will give you a finish that’s Insta worthy!

Ironhorse Dyna Flow Extender is a safe, biodegradable flow and levelling paint additive for water-based coatings.

It can be used for any water-based/acrylic paints, primers, stains, varnishes, enamels, and epoxies.

Ironhorse Dyna Flow Extender paint additive improves the flow and levelling and can generally extend the open time 10-15 minutes for improved brush and roll application. It helps reduce the “ropey, brush-mark” appearance often seen when brushing thick, fast dry water-based paints. It will also allow a thick acrylic paint formulation to flow out smoothly when brushing. It can also enhance spray applications by improving the atomising of heavily bodied water-based paints. These water-based paints can be then applied at lower pressures.

Ironhorse Dyna Flow Extender paint additive does not change the final cured film properties. It leaves no residue in the final paint or coating film. It will not yellow or cloud semi-transparent or clear water-based stains and varnishes. When adding the Ironhorse Dyna Flow Extender there will be no reduction in flash rust control or sag control of the acrylic or water-based paint or primer.

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