The best paint jobs start with Scotch® Painter’s tapes

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While painting renovations are a great way to renew and update a home, all DIY projects start the same way – with the preparation. Whether your customers are painting inside or outside of the home, painter’s tape is an essential accessory for the job. However to get the best results, it is important to use the proper tape for the surface. It is for this reason that Scotch® brand has a whole family of tapes specifically formulated for all surfaces. When your customers choose the right tape, they are choosing to create a better result.

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s tape- Multi surfaces

Walls, skirting boards, tile and glass are just some of the most common surfaces involved in painting jobs and often call for a multi-surface painting tape. It is for this reason that Scotch- Blue™ Original Tape is perfect for the job with its medium adhesive and 14- day clean removal. Painter’s tape may also be used for decorative paint jobs that incorporate shapes and different colours. ScotchBlue™ Sharp Lines and ScotchBlue™ Ultra Sharp Lines Painter’s tape both have Edgelock™ technology that seals out paint to deliver clean and sharp paint lines.

Scotch® Delicate, Exterior and Rough Surface Tapes – Surface specific tapes

With some projects involving delicate surfaces and requiring a painter’s tape with a gentle adhesion and residue-free removal, Scotch® Delicate Surface tape has an acrylic adhesive and washi backing that ensures a clean removal for up to 60 days. When it comes to painting exterior surfaces, it is essential for users to pick the correct tape that has a strong adhesive and can weather any outdoor conditions. Scotch® Exterior Surface Tape is weatherproof and is made with very strong adhesive to stick to any outdoor surface and also boasts a 10- day clean removal. When working with rough surfaces, painters often need to use a painter’s tape that has a strong rubber adhesive. With an aggressive bond and a smooth unwind, Scotch® Rough Surface Painters Tape is designed with extra strength to stick to those rough surfaces and also ensures a five-day clean removal.

Scotch® Masking Tapes – General purpose tapes

General purpose tapes, such as masking tapes, are tailored for non-damageable surfaces. Whether your customers need to tape down carpet or protect window frames, Scotch® Masking tapes have a strong rubber adhesive to ensure the best preparation for any paint project.